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Live Concert Stream

Live concert streams can be monetized or you can pay for the live production as a service to be used to market, promote and engage fans as well as post production editing.

The audio quality will be taken from the venues mixing board and placed directly into stream giving the viewing audience the feel of the crowd. 


Sports Event Stream

We can live stream sporting events using a multi camera system allowing us to capture the action from a variety of angles.

In order to give the production a more professional feel, we can even set up audio inputs from local sports commentators. 


Live Wedding Stream

Capture one of life's most joyful occasions, your wedding.  Even if you don't have an audio system we can take the voice feed from the cameras and provide the same feel.

Allow friends and family who couldn't be in attendance to enjoy all the love and intense emotions with you from across the nation or in another country.


Pick and choose what service works for you and allow iCon-X Live to  better serve you and your needs.  Contact us for an estimate on service.

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